Miss Universe New Zealand

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The organizers


Nigel Godfrey, Executive and National Director

Although well known both behind and in front of the camera in New Zealand, Nigel Godfrey first ventured behind the lens in London in 1986 when he worked for the Miss World Group and Thames TV on the international final of Miss World. Nearly 30 years on he is delighted to once again be involved in a very similar and exciting project.
   ‘Three decades is a long time and society’s approach to women and beauty competitions has changed immeasurably in that time. I was incredibly proud to be involved in reinventing the fantastic brand that is Miss Universe New Zealand, and I am equally excited with all of the plans that we have for the competition going forward.’



Jack Yan, General Counsel


For the last 20 years, Jack Yan has helmed Lucire, a pioneer in fashion publishing and one of the few New Zealand magazine titles that have been licensed abroad. With Miss Universe New Zealand, Jack has involved himself in a venture where an international brand has come to our shores.
   ‘We have a team whose skills complement one another, and we’re all in sync, showing that we can transform a business that needs to be brought in to the 21st century. We are bringing in a strong sense of transparency and integrity, with a format that is in tune with the demands of the 2010s.’